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Move in or Move Out Cleaning

Moving In?– There’s nothing worse than the moving truck a day away from being parked in your driveway and finding that your new home had not been cleaned as promised by your realtor, or previous owners. We get these calls a lot!

Our domestic workers have extensive experience in getting your home move in ready condition so that you can unpack and not have to worry about tedious cleaning tasks.

Moving out? No worries there either. Our domestic workers can focus on a priority list of importance, or dig in and get the whole home cleaned for the next tenants/owners. Rest assured that you will get your security deposit back if you are currently renting.

Whether you are in need of a move in or move out cleaning, our domestic workers can take care of the following, and more:


✅ Cleaning interior and exterior cabinets and drawers
✅ Cleaning interior and exterior appliances
✅ Moving the fridge to clean behind
✅ Cleaning filters under the microwave
✅ Cleaning any windows and blinds
✅ Clean any ceiling fans/light fixtures
✅ Cleaning baseboards, and floor
✅ Clean light switches


✅ Clean light fixtures
✅ Clean exterior and interior cabinets and drawers
✅ Clean light switches
✅ Clean sink and countertops
✅ Scrub shower walls/tub
✅ Clean shower glass doors and tracks
✅ Clean any windows and blinds
✅ Clean wall/ceiling vents
✅ Clean commode
✅ Clean floors to include baseboards


✅ Dust blinds/shutters
✅ Clean interior windows and tracks
✅ Clean any ceiling fan and light fixture
✅ Clean light switches
✅ Clean closet shelving
✅Clean woodwork to include doors and baseboards
✅ Vacuum/mop floors
✅ Dust for cobwebs

Living Areas

✅ Dust blinds/shutters
✅ Clean interior windows and tracks
✅ Clean both sides of sliding glass doors, including tracks
✅ Clean light switches
✅ Clean ceiling fans and light fixtures
✅ Clean woodwork to include doors and baseboards
✅ Dust for cobwebs
✅ Vacuum/mop floors

Laundry Room

✅ Detail washer and dryer
✅ Wipe down any shelves, inside cabinets or drawers
✅ Pull appliances from wall, if possible, to clean behind
✅ Clean floor


✅Dust for cobwebs
✅Sweep floor
✅Wipe down any cabinets and drawers

Decks or Patios

✅Remove cobwebs
✅Clean/sweep out any storage area

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